Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking Back

My second year of racing is one of getting better at racing. If last year was "learn to race, learn to train", then this year is simply to get more competitive at racing.

I've come a long way since last year at this time. Last year I was still a noob. I hadn't raced at all, except for the few low key races the previous August and getting shelled at a couple races in Seattle several years ago. I still had my old Univega in it's original form made up as a rain bike. I had no 'cross bike. I had no experience with time trials and had no time trial bike.

Fast forward to today and I have raced in over 20 races, not counting 'cross. I've done time trials and stage races and crits. I know what Cat5 is, and I am now counted as one of the "regular" racers on the team - a racer who can do stuff and has had results. I have completely disassembled my old Univega and used it's frame for a time trial bike and it's components to build up a 'cross bike. The the 'cross bike now has a new drivetrain and is getting a new cockpit this weekend to make it into a suitable backup race bike.

I've crashed twice, hard, and I've gotten respect for holding up as a solid racer in the face of those injuries. I am one of the stronger racers on the team, with only a half dozen or so people who can beat me on hills out of a team of 60, and only about the same number (different people) who might beat me in a sprint.

Now I am at the cusp of a new season and trying new things. I will be getting a powertap in a short while, and I am training more regularly and am stronger on the bike than I ever have been. Here's to a new season!


Ran yesterday because I was out of town on business. About 5km, 30 min running, 10 min walking. Sore today, but I think this might turn into a somewhat regular thing.